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M1 R5: Information Technology Tools and Network Basis

  1. Introduction to computer
  2. Introduction to operating system
  3. LibreOffice writer
  4. LibreOffice cale
  5. LibreOffice Impress
  6. Introduction to Internet and WWW
  7. Email Social Networking and Governance Service
  8. Digital Financial Tools and Applications
  9. Overview of Future skills and cyber Security

M2 R5: Web Designing and publishing

  1. Introduction to Web Design
  2. Editors
  3. HTML
  4. CSS
  5. CSS Framework
  6. Javscript and Angular Js
  7. Photo Editor (photoshop)
  8. Web Publishing and Browsing

M3 R5: Programming and Problem Solving through python

  1. Introduction to Programming
  2. Algorithm and Flowchart to solve problems
  3. Introduction to Python
  4. Operators Expressions and python Statements
  5. Sequence data type in python
  6. Functions in Python
  7. File Processing in Python
  8. Modules in Python
  9. NumPy Basics
  10. String Handling in Python

M4 R5: Internet of Things and its Applications

  1. Introduction to IoT
  2. Things and Connections
  3. Sensors, Actuators and Microcontrollers
  4. Building IoT Applications
  5. Security and Future of IoT Ecosystem
  6. Soft skills-Personality Development